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About Us

KyLinTV, the world leading OTT (Over-the-top) IPTV company, offer Chinese and English TV programming subscription and home phone services to servicing the overseas Chinese communities and English-speaking audiences who are interested in China or in learning Chinese language across the Global, including North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.


With revolutionary IPTV technologies and features, KyLinTV has always been at the forefront of the IPTV industry through the use of cutting edge patent technology. Followed by successful launches of the first Chinese IPTV service in HD with personal PC and iPad in 2011 and “KyLinTV Everywhere” offering all live TV channels and VOD contents via 3rd party internet enabled connected devices, including Sony Smart TV and Blu-ray with Google TV built in, LG Smart TV with Google TV built in, Logitech ReVue, Android Tablet, Panasonic VIERA Connect and Blu-ray in 2012, KyLinTV launches its voice product-KyLinVoice, the clear, high quality local, long distance and international calling service via VOIP in North America in 2013.  By bringing all the best together with unbeatable bundle offer, Chinese families can get more and save more with KyLinTV. 


KyLinTV's aggregation platform for Chinese-language TV programming is the most comprehensive, offering over 100 most popular Chinese-language TV channels, including 8 HD Channels. The Chinese lineup includes 50 channels from mainland China, 20 from Taiwan and 10 from Hong Kong, Macau and other parts of the Chinese Diaspora. KyLinTV has also established long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with over 400 TV stations and studios that bring premier TV channels and programs to its subscribers. In addition, KyLinTV has an ever-expanding VOD library containing 30,000 hours of dramas, variety shows, documentaries and children's programs which target every segment of the Chinese community and satisfy the community's wide range of needs and tastes.


Since its inception, KyLinTV has been singularly committed to the promotion of Chinese-language learning and Chinese culture. Working with the leading organizations in the industry, KyLinTV has consolidated the most diverse and authoritative Chinese-language education resources and offer “Panorama China” English package which benefit not only Chinese families worldwide but also localities which have a strong interest and need to have encyclopedic knowledge and in-depth understanding of China, its people, language, culture, politics and economy.


KyLinTV is one of Flagship brands offered by KyLinTV Global. Based in New York, Toronto, Beijing and Singapore, KyLinTV Global Network is the world leading Over-the-top (OTT) IPTV platform delivering the most advanced technology service and unmatched TV programming, over 225 multi-ethnic live television channels and more than 35,000 hours of video-on-demand content, around the world. KyLinTV Global Network offers multi-ethnic brands including KyLinTV (Chinese), TV-Desi (Hindi, Urdu and Bengali), Talfazat/Talfazat-ART (Arabic) and JumpTV (Spanish) and others, through a variety of Internet-connected devices, such as TV Set Top Box, Smart TV, PCs and various Tablet devices. KyLinTV is the first TV platform to offer Chinese HD content to overseas Chinese communities in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific, broadcasting more than 100 top Chinese channels and the largest collection of VOD library. TV Desi is the leading South Asian IPTV platform delivering over 35 live channels to Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani communities across the globe. Talfazat and Talfazat-ART provides over 50 live Arabic channels from the Middle East and North Africa to Arabic communities around the world. KyLinTV Global Network also distributes over 20 channels from Latin America and the Caribbean territory via JumpTV Latino brand. The KyLinTV service was launched under the stewardship of two key investors, Charles B. Wang, founder of Computer Associates, and Charles Dolan, founder of Cablevision and Home Box Office.

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