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Dragon TV (HD)

Channel from :

KyLinTV + Great Wall TV, Great Wall TV



Dragon TV HD that is included in KyLinTV's channel lineup is known as one of the first batch of HD channels released on Chinese mainland, it allows our subscribers to playback selected Dragon TV programs featuring 720p quality. Apart from news, Dragon TV also offers TV drama, entertainment, life and others, it is a channel designed for overseas Chinese viewers from all age groups. A lineup of its Shanghai-style-highlighted quality programmes including "Let's Shake It", "China Fashion Awards" and "China's Got Talent" have created a ratings slam dunk.


  • In Depth 105

    In Depth 105

    Co-produced by Xinhua News Agency and Dragon TV, In Depth 105 is a news bulletin focusing on behind the scenes news. The program covers the hottest topics and in-depth reports to exploring the truth....

  • Brainstorm


    Brainstorm is the first domestic business talk show. In each episode, the show will invite one high-profile business figure to the studio and three notable guests from the business industry, cultural circle and show business to participate in the discussion. Through the interview, the guests will share their experience and success stories....

  • Entertainment News

    Entertainment News

    Since its launch, Entertainment News has been devoted to providing viewers the latest entertainment news. Besides reporting the events in Shanghai, the program offers entertainment information and news around the world in real time....

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