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Connecting your Set Top Box



Step 1. Plug one end of the HDMI Cable into your Set Top Box, and then the other end ot your TV


Step 3. Plug the Ethernet Cable into your Set Top Box




Step 3. Plug the Power Cord into your Set Top Box


Connecting Wirelessly

The KyLinTV wireless adapter

Use the The KyLinTV Wireless Adapter when your TV is not located close to any of your wired internet access points. Just plug the The KyLinTV Wireless Adapter directly into your set top box and then using the on screen menus and your remote log in to your wireless network. As an added bonus The KyLinTV Wireless Adapter can also be used on any type of PC with a USB port
The adapter has a retail value of $29.99 per unit. KyLinTV offer it to its customers with a discounted price at $19.99/each
The new, 11n external wireless adapter offers excellent signal reception and quality compare to the internal wireless receiver built in KyLinTV v1 STB. It works instantly once it is plugged into the KyLinTV NXP box
This wireless adapter can be used on any type of wireless compatible devices with a USB port, such as laptop and desktop PC.
A driver is required for using the adapter on devices other than KyLinTV set-top box.


Language Settings


Display Subscribed Channels only

Watch Live Channels


Rewind or Pause the Live Channel

Channel Playback


Channel Selection (Picture-in-Picture)


Live Channels Auto Sleep Mode




48-hour Automatic DVR



Continue to watch VOD






Watch Video Demo


Watch on Panasonic VIERA Connect TVs

      Device Compability Chart



  Download Free KyLinTV App.



Step 1.  KyLinTV’s free app can be found in “Video & Movie” section on VIERA® Connect

Step 2.  Enter User Name and Password to log in.



Watch on GoogleTV and Android devices

      Device Compability Chart



Step 1. Search and download KyLinTV App in Google Play App Store

Step 2. KyLinTV App APK can be download from below KyLinTV website:




Log In and Watch


Language Settings


Displaying Subscribed Channels Only

Watch Live Channels

Live Channel 48hr Playback Feature

Watch VOD Select

Watch Video Demo


Watch Live







Step 1. Visit www.kylintv.com and click “Log In”.

Step 2. Enter User Name and Password.

Step 3. Select “Watch Live Now”.



Language Setting



Step 1. Under www.kylintv.com to click“Language”.

Step 2. Select from Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English.



Watch Live Channel



Step 1. Click “Watch Live”and select “Watch Channels”

Step 2. Select Channel to watch

Click   to watch from beginning.

Click   to pause.

Drag the dot on the playline to view previous scenes



48hr Playback/EPG display



Step 1. Select date and desired program to watch from the electric programming guide.

Step 2. Click on “Full Guide” button on the right to EPG for all channels.


Tablet Video Demo and Smart Phone Video Demo

Free download KyLinTV App



Step 1.  In App Store/Google Play Store, search for KyLinTV.

Step 2.  Click  finish installing.



Log in to Watch


Step 1. Click  icon, to start running the app.

Step 2. Click  to log in, then input user name and password at the pop up window.


Display Subscribed Channels only


Step 1.  Click  to enter setting page

Step 2.  Select “Display Subscribed Channels Only”



Language Setting


Step 1. Click  and select “Language Option”

Step 2. Then select from Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English.



Watch Live Channel

Step 1. Click  to watch “Live Channels”.
Step 2. Select the desired channel to watch.

Step 3. Click  to pause the program.

Step 4. Click  to play in full screen.












48 Hour Automatic DVR Playback


Step 1. Click “Channel List” to show all channels. 

Step 2. Select channel to watch

Drag the dot on the playline to view previous scenes.  Also allows rewind and fast forward.



Watch VOD Select


Step 1. Click to enter VOD Select

Step 2. Select episodes to watch.



Live Chat
Live Chat System