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Sales Hotline: 1-888-683-8691 ( US )    1-888-355-5290 ( Canada )

With KyLinVoice + KyLinTV, you pay less for better service

  • TV Service: Watching Chinese TV up to 70 Channels from China/HK/TW on your TV/PC/Tablet/mobile.
  • Phone Service: Making globle unlimited calls to 27 countries via your home phone + 2 mobile phones.
Terms and Conditions:
Available for new customers in United States and Canada. Customers with KyLinVoice Unlimited 24- month Fixed Term Plan: the 1st - 12th month at $8.99/mo, the 13th - 24th month at $15.99/mo. Customers with KyLinVoice Unlimited 12 months prepaid plan: the 1st - 6th month at $8.99/mo, the 7th - 12th month at $15.99/mo. prepaid price $8.99*6+15.99*6. Customers who subscribe to any above two promotions can also enjoy 1year free service of KyLinTV pack (retail value $16.99/mo), Great Wall pack(retail value $22.99/mo) or Taiwan pack (retail value $22.99/mo) + VOD Kids (retail value $10/mo) and VOD Select (retail value $10/mo). TV activation fee of $50/year applies. Call to get the same offer for the 2nd year. Promotion can't be combined with any other offer. KyLinVoice Terms of Services applies. For more Terms and Conditions, please click here.

*KyLinVoice Unlimited Plan covers 27 countries, details:http://www.kylintv.com/kylintv/us/cht/phone/phone-packages#rates.

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