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Anhui TV is a composite channel focusing on TV dramas, entertainment shows, children and health programs for overseas Chinese viewers and foreigners with excellent Chinese language skills. The most popular show on AnhuiTV is "Due to Talk" with Li Jing, a celebrity TV talk show hosted by Li Jing, a popular host who shot to fame with her honest and hilarious style. The show has won many awards in the showbiz world.


  • Home Theatre

    Home Theatre

    AHTV International is well known for its teleplays to people for a long time. Depends on AHTV International, AHTV International will broadcast more latest and splendid teleplays for people to enjoy their leisure times....

  • Teleplay Hurricane Action

    Teleplay Hurricane Action

    As the only variety show focusing on teleplays in Chinese mainland, this program is closely related to all kinds of teleplays. Besides common forms of variety shows, it adopts more interesting segments such as imitation shows, adaptation, and comments....

  • Super Winner

    Super Winner

    Co hosted by Xu Nailin and Liugang, this top variety show of AHTV International is divided into several columns, such as Kids Keep House, Super Stars, and New Star Shows....

  • Travel Around China

    Travel Around China

    This travel program provides a lot of fascinating sceneries for those people who like traveling. It will make you get an eyeful and enjoy beautiful landscapes lightly....

  • Star Magic

    Star Magic

    Combined magic performance with star show, this brand new program will make outstanding big star magicians via their performances and teaching of professional magicians....

  • Date With Li Jing

    Date With Li Jing

    Hosted by Li Jing, this brand new talk show will invite big stars in amusement circles to share their stories and their ideas with audiences....

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