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BTV HD included in KyLinTV's channel lineup is known as one of the first batch of HD channels released on Chinese mainland, as the HD version of BTV, BTV HD allows our subscribers to playback the selected BTV programes featuring 720p quality. The content offered by BTV primarily focuses on culture and talk show, together with fashion, food, lifestyle and travel programmes. It is striving to meet the diversified demand of overseas Chinese viewers with its hit programmes like "Collection" and "Beijing Stage", as well as the broadcasting of the major cultural events and galas that are held in Beijing.


  • View World

    View World

    View World combines outdoor documentary and indoor talk shows to focus on both the reality and fictional perspectives. The program also encourages participants to interact with the audience at the studio....

  • Meet with Entertainment Stars

    Meet with Entertainment Stars

    It is a well-embraced star talk show hosted by Cong Wei, a veteran host who is best-known for her elegant demeanor and unaffected manner. It takes you into the worlds of hot entertainment stars, revealing their personal life and love which are rare known to the public, the elaborately select background track and exquisite stage design fuel a sense of appeal for this program....

  • Here Is Beijing

    Here Is Beijing

    It is the only program specializing in displaying the regional culture of Beijing. It gives a glimpse of local relics and customs, introducing the city’s history, culture, people, ever-changing lifestyle as well as legends about the city. It discovers the unique humanity spirit shared by Beijing....

  • Study Chinese in Beijing

    Study Chinese in Beijing

    It is a grand-scale Chinese language teaching program produced by BTV. It has realistic scenarios seeing how foreigners work and live in China, its contents touch each aspect of everyday life, such as food, clothing, living, transportation as well as the customs, helping viewers to understand Chinese culture while learning Chinese language....

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