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BLTV, a Buddhist channel which projects the themes of "youthfulness, education, international, and civic-minded" as its main goal and vision, strives to provide overseas Chinese viewers with the best Chinese programmes that highlight the spirit of Humanistic Buddhism. Featuring in-depth news, English news and overseas BL news, it is aimed to bring care and warmth to human beings, recording the true face of this age.


  • Study Abroad

    Study Abroad

    Study Abroad is a program that introduces the information and knowledge about study overseas. Every Monday night, an emcee will deliver audiences the most applied infonews. The latest season of "Study Abroad" focuses on topics from the UK and Australia. The producer designed the topics carefully, and presents it to audiences by a host emcee. Study Abroad focuses on useful interesting life experiences and other culture information. Whether audiences want to study overseas or just want to become more knowledgeable, all can be satisfied....

  • 2100 Talk Show on Education

    2100 Talk Show on Education

    The program takes on the educational dimension of current events, inviting experts from industries, academics, and government offices to talk about issues ranging from education, health care, employment, to cross-strait relations, and parenting. With an aim to benefit from "timely lessons," it invites the public to call in to share their insights on topical issues. The program hopes to arouse awareness in the community to pay attention to the importance of education and collectively try to mend its shortcomings....

  • Through the Eyes of Little Monk

    Through the Eyes of Little Monk

    The leading roles in the film, Xiang-ho and Huan-xi, often encounter difficulties in life. The old monk often shows the pair how to handle situations and conduct oneself by referring to different allegories. Through the dialogues between the old monk and the little monks, Xiang-Ho and Huan-Xi, and talks among the characters, the drama further expounds the Buddhist wisdom written in Master Xing Yun's books "Between Confusion and Realization," and "Fo Guang Talks over Cabbage Stalks."...

  • Strength and Health Food

    Strength and Health Food

    The goal of obtaining a healthy yet delicious and varied diet is of great importance for people today. The main concepts of eating healthily in this program are to eat the right food, cook in the right way and eat at the right times. From this easy-to-understand procedure and relaxing way of keeping your health, the audience learns how to choose healthy vegetables and fruits and how to cook them in an easy way....

  • Chinese Classics Fun Time

    Chinese Classics Fun Time

    Over 1 million children have developed their inner talents more effectively by reading poetry in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. This TV channel aims to help children learn manners and develop a rich artistic life. The host and two actors in costume actively work to help children fully develop their life potential from older, wiser people in order to achieve the basic needs of good health, and greater happiness in the future....

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