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CBN, China’s first professional biz channel dedicating to investors, is owned by Shanghai Media Group. With its content focusing on financial news, stock market and other information on the financial market, CBN rolls out a series of brand name programmes like "The First Real Estate", "Boss Town" and "Brain Storm" that have their attention on the trend of the world’s economy, providing investors with valuable information. Yuan Ming, a household host with extraordinary eloquence, wisdom, affinity and healthy image, is the “leading host” of CBN.


  • Focus on Stock Market

    Focus on Stock Market

    As a popular talk show program focusing on stock market, this program features the appearance of some professional stock operators and individual investors, who express their views on the market. It is done well on the view rating....

  • Brain Storm

    Brain Storm

    Brain Storm, a talk show aimed at executives from global leading companies, is the first business news broadcasting platform which is offered by multiple media (TV, newspaper and radio) for viewers around China....

  • Property Market

    Property Market

    It is a watchable program which uses professional view to look at the Chinese property market. It keeps a close eye on the policy on the real estate industry, with insiders to analyze the investment value of the property, and official statistics offered in the program will also keep you update with the latest price of the housing in different cities around China....

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