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CCTV-1HD, a flagship and hit TV channel affiliated to CCTV, delivers breaking news, as well as TV shows that deal with education, entertainment and information in HD quality for 24 hours every day. Covering the most comprehensive territory, CCTV-1 is one of the most popular TV channels in China and is overwhelmingly embraced by overseas Chinese.


  • Fascinating Documentary

    Fascinating Documentary

    It is a column that rounds up the best documentaries from around the world, taking audiences to access diversified custom and culture in different countries, discover the world\'s amazing natural wonders, explore the world\'s mysteries and find the truth behind historical secrets. Having largely met the demand of viewers with different tastes, the column plays an important role in attacking viewers back to TV screen....

  • Focus Report

    Focus Report

    Focus Report has being kept its commitment to divulging the truth behind the news since its debut on CCTV, insisting on reporting news and events that “Chinese government attaches great importance to and Chinese people show the most concern”. With the format of combining in- studio report with on-spot interview, it has being played an important role in solving a great number of hot social issues, it is known as one of the most popular columns on CCTV....

  • Morning News

    Morning News

    Morning News is a column that mainly offers news and information, it features content on livelihood, weather, culture, sports, fashion and life while maintaining its authoritative role on reporting news headlines and current affairs in a timely manner, striving to show the unique characters of TV broadcasting, Morning News enjoys a high viewing rate....

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