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CCTV-13 News Channel is 24-hour news service that lively broadcast news, reviews and interviews in Mandarin. Viewers can get up-to-the-minute breaking news from the world with its hit column of Hourly News. It is followed up with other news columns that are sorted in four categories including business, sports, culture and international events.


  • Focus on

    Focus on

    Focus on is public-service-highlighted column presented by CCTV-13 News which is aired on a daily basis. With a commitment to showing concern to the weak group, presenting a reciprocal platform for civilian, divulging stories behind hot events, and promoting harmony , it is dedicated to creating a spiritual home for Chinese people....

  • News in 30 Minutes

    News in 30 Minutes

    Broadcast at 12 am each day, News in 30 Minutes has won overwhelming applause and support from audiences with its timely reporting on breaking news and hot issues in a novel and flexible style. It is one of the top 10 columns of CCTV....

  • News Studio

    News Studio

    News that top the headlines each day are rolled out on an hourly basis in News Studio, instead of the style that the news that are repeatedly reported, materials including follow-up stories, as well as background information and interpretation by commentators that revolve around the breaking news will be added in the following edition. What makes News Studio stood out is its way of reporting news in a timely manner...

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