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CCTV-3 HD is a TV channel that particularly offers music, singing and dancing shows. Aimed at “producing high quality TV columns and making contribution to helping prosper TV broadcasting business”, CCTV-3 presents a lineup of hunky TV shows on entertainment, music, literature, singing and dancing, the channel is striving to create a high quality variety TV channel for audiences.


  • 100 Golden Seconds

    100 Golden Seconds

    It is a grand variety show which employs a knock-out system and a fresh format of combining “Variety Show” with “Games”. Each episode will see 10 contestants compete with one another by showing off their individual talent within 100 seconds. The contestants who are allowed by on-studio audiences to finish their performance will gain the qualification to enter the second round....

  • Star Boulevard

    Star Boulevard

    With “delighting ordinary people” as its goal, Star Boulevard offers ordinary people who have a talent for music an opportunity to show off their singing talent. Since its debut on CCTV, a lot of ordinary Chinese people with different ages who are in all walks of life have staged on Star Boulevard and made their brilliant acting skill be recognized by millions of viewers....

  • Variety Performance

    Variety Performance

    Variety Performance is an entertainment column featuring selected performance in a range of forms including skit, crosstalk, singing, dancing, acrobatics and magic tricks. Inspired by stories that are related to civilian life, with all the performance being presented in a light-hearted ambience, it appeals to all ages and social groups....

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