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CCTV-4, a composite Chinese TV channel with its focus on news and culture, specializes in news, together with educational, entertainment and consulting services. It provides a chance for overseas Chinese viewers to get the objective report on news, current affairs and useful information. Delivering a lineup of hit programmes including "Chinese News", "My Remote Family" and "Lecture Room", it is a channel designed to show Chinese culture. Xu Li, anchor of "China News", has captivated overseas viewers with her elegance and her style of delivering news in a simple but impressive manner, another mainstay host of CCTV 4 is Lu Jian, who is stood out with his charisma and intelligence.


  • Around China

    Around China

    Around China introduces Chinese history, outstanding people as well as its diversified custom, giving you a glimpse of China’s beautiful sceneries, rich cultural heritage, witnessing the ever-changing lifestyle of Chinese people....

  • Happy Chinese

    Happy Chinese

    Aiming to Chinese learners at home and abroad, this brand new program will improve their listening and speaking in the form of sitcom. It makes every effort to become extensive listening and reading textbooks and life guide handbook for Chinese learner....

  • News 60

    News 60'

    News 60' is the first 60 minute news program on CCTV designed for overseas Chinese and Asian viewers. The program keeps a close watch on major news and events that happen in real time. It also provides the latest news on entertainment, sports and current affairs within China and around the world....

  • Chinese World

    Chinese World

    Chinese World is a 30-mintute TV program that is devoted to providing a platform for overseas Chinese media and audiences. The program aims to promote, untie, encourage, and solidify overseas Chinese and Chinese-language media to build an around-the-world communication platform. As the first TV program targeting the overseas Chinese on CCTV, Chinese World promotes the positive, active and mainstream voices....

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