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CCTV-8 HD is the only and the most authoritative TV drama channel that currently covers the entire territory of China. Relying on the advantage on TV programming production of CCTV, CCTV-8 rounds up a great number of TV dramas that are sorted in various theatres including Hit Drama Theatre, Debut Drama Theatre, Exclusive Drama Theatre and Foreign Drama Theatre.CCTV-8 is hailed as “The No. 1 TV channel in China”.


  • Star`s Choice

    Star`s Choice

    Star\'s Choice is a TV column presented by CCTV-8 specializing in interactive service on TV & movie, it broadcast weekly. Each episode features the appearance of an entertainment stars, who will recommend a hit TV dramas that is now aired on CCTV, moreover, behind-the-scenic stories of the production will also be introduced by him/her....

  • Movie & TV Club

    Movie & TV Club

    As the first salon talk show appeared in Chinese mainland that focuses on movie & TV production, each episode of Movie & TV Club sees the cast and crew behind the latest TV & movie production show up in the studio to have a face-to-face talk with fans and spectators....

  • Movie TV Express

    Movie TV Express

    Known as the first TV programming emerged in Chinese mainland that broadcast movie & TV news, Movies & TV provides a first-handed report of the behind-the-scenic stories of the latest Chinese TV and movie production in a professional angle, it had picked up Star Prize, the highest honor for Chinese TV production, for three times....

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