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The brand new English news channel provides 19-hour news programs every day, focusing on new reports, supplemented with deep reports, comment programs and special features. Apart from accurate and comprehensive coverage of developments in China, the English new Channel increases the international news coverage, particularly in the Asian countries, providing an Asian perspective to world for overseas audience.


  • Sports Scene

    Sports Scene

    Sports Scene is a daily 15-minute sports news program on CCTV International. The program brings a roundup of major sports stories taking place in China and around the world. Every Sunday, there is a 30-minute special edition of Sports Scene (on Sundays, the program broadcast time begins 15 minutes earlier than weekday broadcasts.) In addition to the latest sporting news, the weekend edition of Sports Scene include a recap of the past week′s main stories and a profile of one of China′s Olympic champions. With the Olympic Games coming to Beijing, China in 2008, Sports Scene will be playing an even more important role in keeping the world informed of the Olympic Games related developments in Beijing and China′s contributions to the world of sports....

  • Biz China

    Biz China

    Biz China replaced Financial Report and has become CCTV International′s flagship business news program. Broadcasted live from Beijing, Biz China delivers news, opinions and analysis six times a day, everyday. Biz China is made up of three significant components. First, both the domestic and international financial and corporate news; Second, Biz China’s exclusive interview which features the business insiders on the state of the economy, business trends, and industry analysis; Third, a recap on the activities taking place in the financial markets around the world....

  • Asia Today

    Asia Today

    Asia Today debuted on CCTV International on May 3, 2004. This 30-minute program airs three times a day and aims to keep viewers updated on news concerning Asia. Asia Today presents a comprehensive analysis on important issues that is objective and reflective of all perspectives. Information is meaningless without a clear understanding, and understanding is what Asia Today provides. Joined by our CCTV correspondents around the world, we report on Asia from the Asians' perspective....

  • Culture Express

    Culture Express

    The new and improved Culture Express is dedicated to give viewers updated reports on Chinese cultural news and events. Each of the seven segments deals with a particular aspect of the Chinese culture....

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