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CCTV- Opera

Channel from :

KyLinTV + Great Wall TV, Great Wall TV



CCTV Opera is a professional opera TV channel with the most comprehensive coverage and the greatest influence. Most of the opera routines aired on CCTV Opera are great productions on Beijing opera, plus, regional operas, especially those from Fujian and Guangdong Provinces, are also featured. It is a platform for overseas Chinese buffs to view such grand events in Chinese opera world as “CCTV Spring Festival Opera Gala” and “National Youth Peking Opera Actor TV Competition”, allowing them to have a better understanding about the essence of Chinese culture. Bai Yansheng, a host of CCTV Opera, is stood out with his elegant style and knowledge of Chinese opera.


  • Follow Me

    Follow Me

    In response to the high demand from opera amateurs, CCTV-Opera has added a new program called Follow Me - Sing at Weekend that provides opera fans a stage to exchange experiences with each other....

  • Opera Amateurs Contest

    Opera Amateurs Contest

    Opera Amateurs Contest is a TV opera contest that features outstanding performances by promising young artists from all over China. The contest provides an opportunity for these contestants to show off their talents on stage and a chance to be recognized by the public....

  • Opera Kaleidoscope

    Opera Kaleidoscope

    It is an opera magazine program focusing on delivering all the news and events within the opera circle, and it features the appearance of some famous opera artists, who will tell you about their recent efforts as well as their stories behind the screen. Plus, this program also provides you with some classical opera plays, taking you to review the history of Chinese opera and feel the irresistible glamour of this traditional Chinese art form....

  • Classic Opera Appreciation

    Classic Opera Appreciation

    This program offers viewers the most classic opera works and takes you to feel the charm of traditional Chinese operas. With Beijing opera works accounting for most of its content, viewers can also access to over 100 categories of other operas that are boomed at different regions in China. It also gives opera buffs a rare chance to review the most classical opera works rendered by the most prominent opera masters....

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