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Asia TV HongKong

Channel from :

KyLinTV + Taiwan TV, PHOENIX TV PACK, KyLinTV Pack



As a leading Cantonese television channel from Hong Kong, ATV Home Channel (America) provides a full range of television entertainment to Chinese communities throughout the United States. This channel broadcasts the best and most up-to-date cultural and current events from Hong Kong. The latest dramas, movies, talk shows, news, current affairs and children's entertainment are all part of this fantastic channel.


  • Here Comes The Mammon

    Here Comes The Mammon

    Hosted by Xu Nailin and Lin Weichen, this brand new variety show is made up of four parts and invites the most popular stars to participate in various sorts of games to amuse the audiences....

  • Investments In China

    Investments In China

    This brand new program will report the policies and tendency of market economy of China, and reveal objective conditions of China to overseas Chinese people as well....

  • Happy Family 2009

    Happy Family 2009

    Co-hosted by Hee Ching Paw and Gilbert Lam, this program revolves around the various aspects of life such as cuisines, house and environmental protection to enjoy the wisdom in lives with audience....

  • Hong Kong Gossip

    Hong Kong Gossip

    Referring to popular program Everybody speaks Nonsense in Taiwan, this brand new variety show of ATV will discuss the hottest topics including entertainments, current affairs and the people’s livelihoods. It will also invites TV stars to copy words and deeds of politicians, celebrities, actors, scholars and so on to relieve the pressure of Hong Kongers....

  • Capture The World

    Capture The World

    Hosted by Dr. Joseph C. K. Yeung, the President of Greater China Photographic Society, this photographic art program makes interviews with both professionals and amateurs in photography, and offers a platform for them to share their knowledge as well....

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