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China Entertainment TV (CETV)

Channel from :

KyLinTV + Great Wall TV, KyLinTV + Taiwan TV, KyLinTV Pack



CETV, the most distinctive entertainment TV channel in Asia, is owned jointly by the Hong Kong-based TOM Group and United States’ Time-Warner Cable. It provides overseas Chinese viewers with programmes mainly on the genre of variety and entertainment, as well as TV dramas, movies, animations, talk shows and other features. Its hit programmes including "Fashionable Women", "Here Comes the Hierarch" and "Lead a Smart Life" feature content focusing on fashion trend and delicacy. Plus, Top 10 Hottest Asia Award, an influential cultural event featuring the appearance of a number of heavyweight stars, is a stable that is aired on CETV each year. Fang Fangfang, the mainstay host of CETV who is excelled at dealing with her programmes in a knowledgeable but light-hearted manner, is honored as “The Best Variety Show Host”, she is especially well embraced by overseas Chinese viewers.


  • Lin Food Shop

    Lin Food Shop

    From Monday to Friday, Lin Yilun, a famous singer and host, shows up in Lin Food Shop, a popular food TV program, aired on CETV, to teach viewers to make delicious dishes which are invented by Lin himself based on his study on health and delicacy....

  • Talk with CEO

    Talk with CEO

    Debuted on CETV in 2009, this celebrity talk show, which is presided over by Ken Yeung, CEO of HK`s TOM Group, features the appearance of business tycoons and cultural celebrities to talk about the hottest topics on various social issues. These big guests also share viewer with their extraordinary experience, divulging the recipes behind their success....

  • Master


    CETV hosts join famous veteran beauty experts to explore one of the five topics including “Food and Beauty”, “Plastic Surgery”, “Fashion Trend”, “Makeup” and :Taste Life” five days a week....

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