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China Movie Channel

Channel from :

Great Wall TV, KyLinTV + Great Wall TV



China Movie Channel, as a professional movie channel dedicating to offering outstanding Chinese films to Chinese viewers from abroad, releases a total of 12 Chinese films or TV films each day. Besides movies, the channel also focuses on the effort behind those big productions, delivering entertainment news, variety shows and celebrity interviews to uncover the stories of the famous Chinese filmmakers. The broadcasting of a series of big events in China’s film industry including China’s major film festivals and premieres of Chinese blockbusters has dramatically increased its popularity among overseas Chinese viewers, driving up the audience rating of the channel.


  • Love Movies

    Love Movies

    Love Movies is a new feature program which is released based on the unique advantage of China Movie Channel. It strives to raise youngsters’ interests on movies by encouraging them to give their comments on movies by leaving messages on the program’s website, popularizing the movie knowledge among the young groups and contributing to improving youngsters’ level of movie appreciation. Each of its 6 segments deals with a unique topic about movies....

  • Movie Today

    Movie Today

    Movie Today is an authoritative film and entertaining news program on China Movie Channel. The program provides the latest movie information and the hottest topics in the movie industry....

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