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CQTV, a comprehensive channel focusing on cultural and documentary service, brings overseas Chinese viewers news, variety & entertainment, travel, documentary, TV drama and other genres of programmes. It features a series of well-produced Chongqing-culture-highlighted programmes, which include "Night Stories of Misty Capital" and "Let's Belt out".


  • Talk after Watching

    Talk after Watching

    Talk after Watching is a law-related TV program. With a panoramic view of typical law cases, it combines out-door documentary and in-door talk show and focuses on the reality and fictional perspective. This program encourages participation and interaction of the viewers as well as emphasizes the rich legal information and its practical usage....

  • Culture Of Chongqing

    Culture Of Chongqing

    With a variety of topics and forms, this program vividly and comprehensively reflects geographical and cultural characteristics of Chongqing. As the platform for cultural spreading, this program shows the rich cultural deposits of Chongqing, as well as builds the cultural images of that....

  • Food in China

    Food in China

    “Food in China, Taste in Sichuan”. Recorded by television, the program mainly focuses on introducing the history of Chinese catering culture, and integrates culture, information, service and entertainment into a whole. The well-produced and distinctive program has attracted a myriad of young and middle-aged people who are interested in food with its bright, vivid, amusing and exaggerating way....

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