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China Yellow River TV is an education & culture channel designed to different age groups of overseas Chinese viewers, Chinese language enthusiasts, and those foreigners who have interest in Chinese culture helping them improve their Chinese language skills and enrich their knowledge on Chinese culture through its progremmes like "Tang Style" and "In China". Lao Liang, one of the most famous Chinese talk show hosts, will show his signatures of superb skill, intelligence and eloquence in "Lao Liang Tells Story", a well embraced talk show.


  • Anecdotes Of Movie

    Anecdotes Of Movie

    With excellent commentary and unique editing, this talk show will bring you to step into the classic films of China and the stories behind them....

  • The Style of China

    The Style of China

    This program will guide you to visit the peaceful and unique lives of people in all over China. With the beautiful legends and meaningful stories, you will immerse yourself in these different experiences of life....

  • Confucius Institute

    Confucius Institute

    China’s first televised Confucius Institute. Primarily featuring programs related to Chinese language teaching and Chinese culture, the channel consists of Chinese Classroom, Chinese Training Program and The Bridge of Chinese-language, including Magic Classroom, Babies Learning Chinese, Learn to Write Chinese Characters. In accordance with the method of learning language, the teaching programs combine education with entertainment in the process of motivating viewers through vivid and fresh televised contents....

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