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Da-ai TV

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Da Ai TV is a religion TV network with its focus on TV drama and life service. It provides overseas Chinese viewers with a range of content including TV drama, cultural, infotainment & education, news and religion programmes, among which "Da Ai Drama ", a drama theatre which broadcasts true-story-inspired TV dramas that are produced by Da Ai TV, creates constantly new record on the audience rating, making Da Ai TV become a household channel in Taiwan


  • Rhythms Magazine.TV

    Rhythms Magazine.TV

    Rhythms Magazine.TV is a cultural travel program with a focus on world news. Through the program, audiences can and experience the local state of affairs. The topics are from the classic magazine, and can bring amazing stories to its viewers....

  • The Beauty of Culture

    The Beauty of Culture

    The Beauty of Culture is a cultural program based on a Chinese traditional drink C tea. This program promotes taking care of the body both inside and out, treating people kindly, protecting the environment and the beautify life. While holding a cup of tea, the program's host delivers the ideas from the tea house and "Cha Dao" to people. The program incorporates the Chinese culture into its whole content....

  • Children of Our Planet

    Children of Our Planet

    Children of Our Planet is a documentary which records children's lives and the interactive between parents and their kids. Our program staff visited many families and recorded many stories. It was discovered that most of kids not only are young, but have misfortune such as handicaps and those in a single family. However their uplifting spirit is a positive influence even for adults. "Children of Our Planet" hopes to inspire strength and courage in its viewers....

  • People


    People records the stories of common people. It describes an individual's unique life journey. This half hour program invites guests onto the show to share their personal story C whatever it may be. "People" deeply interviews these characters, whatever their positions in life....

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