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ETTV Global

Channel from :

KyLinTV + Taiwan TV, Taiwan TV, ETTV Pack



ETTV is a comprehensive channel that is dedicated to delivering news and entertainment for Chinese audiences in North America. A range of programmes made to cater to viewers from different age groups including news, variety shows and costume TV dramas are featured in the channel. Chinese viewers in North American can get a wealth of information which is helpful to their daily life through its hit programmes like "View across the Strait", "Miss Gold" and "She-ly Women" which are helmed by a lineup of household hosts like Belle Yu, Xiao Yifen and Wu Danru.




    Informational and educational program for Chinese-speaking children up to 7 years of age. This program focus on children creating playthings or fine arts for themselves without the aid of paid professionals...

  • Food 007

    Food 007

    This program will introduce all kinds of impressive restaurants and delicious food to you to enjoy gourmet in spite of regression. With the guide of the emcees, you may get a wonderful gourmet experience so long as the little money is paid....

  • Golden Taxi

    Golden Taxi

    One of the most popular game shows from Taiwan. Driver (actors) will ask contestants several general knowledge questions along the way. A correct answer is awarded with cash; an incorrect answer means the contestant gets a strike by eject on the sidewalk no matter where they are....

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