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ETTV News is a 24-hour Mandarin news channel with worldwide coverage. The news rotates throughout the day with successive editions of the US News, World News, Asia News and Taiwan domestic bulletins. ETTV News allows viewers to keep updated with what's going on throughout the world with its brand name programmes like " ETTV Taiwan News ", "View on the Strait" and "Tse Eyes on World". Lou Seo Fong, a veteran anchor behind the lively broadcasted news on ETTV News, is a household name in Taiwan. Sisy Chen is another outstanding host from ETTV News, who is ranked on the list of the Asia’s Top 25 People with the most Creativity.


  • Specialist Probe into the World

    Specialist Probe into the World

    Watch the financial industry of the world closely with one of the most famous financial analyst of Taiwan including the trends of stock markets and real estates....

  • News Intercept

    News Intercept

    Discuss current affairs and political issues of Taiwan with host Ms. Wen Shu Mei. News Intercept will take the audience deep into the arguments between the two primary political parties and provide the most unbiased analysis....

  • ETTV Prime Time News

    ETTV Prime Time News

    News programs features a mix of financial and economic news, current affairs, and in –depth analysis. America and Headline News covering local, regional, national and international news....

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