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Formosa TV (HD)

Channel from :

KyLinTV + Taiwan TV, Taiwan TV



Formosa TV, a composite TV channel mainly featuring TV dramas and entertainment shows, is known as the first totally private owned TV station emerged in Taiwan. It contains a wide variety of content covering TV drama, variety show, news, infotainment and animation for overseas Chinese viewers from all age groups. Its brand name programmes including " Variety Sum-up ", "Zhuge" and "A Date with Mei Feng", as well as prime-time TV series are all among the ones that stand on the top spots of the audience rating. Formosa TV boasts a remarkable host lineup, among which include Golden Bell Awards-winning host Hu Gua, “variety show king” Chu Ke-liang and renowned all-around host Chen Meifeng.


  • Date With Mayfeng

    Date With Mayfeng

    Hosted by Meifeng Chen, this long lived food program has accompanied many housewives to have a happy and relaxed afternoon tea time. It invites guests to bring their delicious cuisines, and makes the lives of them shared with audiences. In addition, Meifeng will bring you walk over Taiwan and enjoy the splendid food!...

  • Perfect


    Directed by designer Sun Hua, hosted by hot mum Jia Yongjie, this brand new fashion program focuses on the latest makes up, costumes, as well as luxuries. With the demonstrations of the hot models, it will teach the guests and audiences to make full use of the fashion elements....

  • My First Time

    My First Time

    Co hosted by Phil Chang and Aya, this program invites stars and competitors to challenge hundreds of songs. Huge prize will be won as long as you sing the songs without missing one word. It has been the most popular program when it was broadcasted....

  • Luxe Show

    Luxe Show

    Co hosted by Hu Gua, Dong Zhicheng and Margaret, this program aims to be deeply in touch with students on campus. Scholarships for students will be gotten via the interesting games shows, and the more passions and enthusiasms of students and teachers will be aroused....

  • Night Market Life

    Night Market Life

    A Xia, a kind and strong woman, sells the herbal food in the night market for living. Depending on her business, A Xia brings up her children despite of the affair of her husband....

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