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Fujian Straits TV

Channel from :

KyLinTV + Great Wall TV, Great Wall TV



Fujian Straits TV is comprehensive channel primarily broadcasting across-strait news and cultural programmes for overseas Chinese viewers. It gathers a cluster of quality programmes including "Life Across the Strait", "Baton across the Strait" and "Lin Food Shop" that are popular among Chinese viewers. For years, Fujian Straits TV has being dedicating to promoting the cultural exchange across the strait by hosting a line up of grand cultural events such as "The Light of Ma Zu" that highlight the culture fusion across the strait.


  • The Legend of Martial Arts

    The Legend of Martial Arts

    Wudang, Emei, and Shaolin, these sorts of martial arts have been portrayed incredible in novels and films. This program will tell the mysterious anecdotes of martial arts, as well as recall the glorious history of them....

  • Meet By Chance

    Meet By Chance

    Hosted by Laney Cheung, this program will lead Taiwan’s audiences to look around the beautiful scenery of the mainland with a unique perspective....

  • Golden Chart

    Golden Chart

    It is a hit music program mainly offering the best original songs in Minnan dialect on a daily basis. Chen Fei, a popular Minnan diva, will turn up at each edition to unveil the latest Minnan music chart and bring you the most popular songs in Minnan dialect....

  • Opera Stage across the Straits

    Opera Stage across the Straits

    With this program, viewers can access to legions of captivating opera performances presented by the most popular opera actors from across the straits. The opera works offered at this program cover different categories of opera around China, taking viewers to check out the charm of traditional Chinese culture....

  • Discover the Orient

    Discover the Orient

    With an aim to promote the traditional Chinese culture and raise a brand value, Fujian Straits TV launched this program to focus on displaying the rich history and glorious culture across the straits....

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