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GDTV HD Channel is one of the few TV channels that broadcast programming in mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and English for 24 hours a day. It is a comprehensive TV channel mainly delivering content on news, law and TV dramas. GDTV is dedicated to showing Lingnan culture and creating a provincial TV channel with greater influence.


  • Talk with Larry Lang

    Talk with Larry Lang

    Talk with Larry Lang, a news-featured TV talk show which features the appearance of Larry Lang, a famous economist, as the regular guest. Larry Lang will use a unique view to give an intensive analysis on the hottest livelihood topics, business news and other most-concerned issues from the economic angle in an easy-going manner....

  • Focus on China

    Focus on China

    It is a news & comment show which features the appearance of personage including spokesperson from State Council Information Office and other government ministries, scholars from state-owned institutions and senior media observers, who will give a detailed introduction about hot issues and the major policies that are newly launched by Chinese government....

  • Zero Distance

    Zero Distance

    A weekly news show which offers a multiple-angled report, comment and following-up on the world\'s breaking news, with senior experts analyzing the stories behind news and events in a unique view, the column introduces a novel style to present top news....

  • GDTV News

    GDTV News

    It is all-encompassing news column dedicating to delivering current affairs and breaking news at home and abroad. Besides a report on what great achievement Guangdong Province has made in the fields of society, politics and economy that dominate the schedule, special editions which are produced to promoting newly-released policy and regulations are also irregularly offered....

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