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Guangdong International Channel

Channel from :

KyLinTV + Great Wall TV, Great Wall TV



GDTV is a composite TV channel primarily focusing on news and financial reports. Its hit programmes including "Guangdong Today", "Pearl River Story" and "Guangdong Graphics" take an in-depth look at what's going on throughout the world and follow the most important issues in the social and economic world. "Larry Lang", a news commentary programme featuring Larry H.P. Lang, a famous Chinese economist, analyzing the top economic issues, is the top-rated show for GDTV.


  • Truth behind Archives

    Truth behind Archives

    Hosted by Prof. Zhang Lei, a renowned historian, Insight into Archives is a history-culture-themed special TV program focusing on various historic archives preserved in all levels of museums across Guangdong Province. With witnessers, insiders and researchers who are familiar with these archives as guests, this program will take a rare insight into the truth behind those historic events that these archives had recorded....

  • Discover Guangdong

    Discover Guangdong

    Discover Guangdong is a documentary program which follows the life of the local grass-rooted residents, with their stories to reflect the dramatic change that have being taken place in Guangdong. It takes a close look at the authentic local lifestyle, making audiences have a better understanding about the culture, custom and the changing life in Guangdong....

  • Talk with Larry Lang

    Talk with Larry Lang

    Talk with Larry Lang, a news-featured TV talk show hosted by Wang Mudi, features the appearance of Larry Lang, a famous economist, as the regular guest. Larry Lang will use a unique view to give an intensive analysis on the hottest livelihood topics, business news and other most-concerned issues from the economic angle in an easy-going manner....

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