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Guangxi TV Int'l

Channel from :

KyLinTV + Great Wall TV, Great Wall TV



Guangxi TV, a leading TV channel focusing on content about fashion and entertainment, strives to show the beautiful world to viewers. It delivers a range of hunky programmes including "Fashion China", "Beautiful Guangxi", "Find Jinhua" and "Collector Ma Weidu" that are made to introduce Guangxi's beautiful sceneries, dazzling ethnic culture and follow the fashion tendency. Thanks to the star power brought by the host and the appearance of the star guests, “Talk with Zhao”, a celebrity talk show hosted by Zhao Zhongxiang has attracted overwhelming attention from viewers.


  • Civil Collection

    Civil Collection

    Civil Collection tells stories of collection, spreads knowledge on appraisal of collections and builds up an exchange platform collection....

  • Mission for Beauty

    Mission for Beauty

    A beautiful girl is a spokesperson of the image and culture of an ethnicity. Discovering what is beautiful and tasting what is beautiful, Mission for Beauty takes you to the journey of finding beauty....

  • China-ASEAN Perspective Update

    China-ASEAN Perspective Update

    Standing on the leading edge of China-ASEAN economic, trade and cultural exchange, China-ASEAN Perspective Update offers the most authoritative perspectives to audiences and serves to promote mutual understanding between China and the ASEAN nations and make Guangxi known to the world....

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