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Hunan TV is a leading entertainment TV channel in mainland China with its content highlighting "vigorousness, flamboyance and fashion". Designed for overseas young Chinese viewers, Hunan TV has been dedicated to maintaining its productivity while keeping the quality, standing out with such brand name programmes as 12-year-old high-performing variety show "Happy Camp" and out-of-the-ordinary talk show "Make Progress Every Day". Some newly released features including dating TV show "Take me Out" and "Story" also show strong power in driving up the audience rating. Human TV presents viewers more options while maintaining a world-class standard in its production. The constant popularity of these shows is partly due to the excellent performance of the hosts, He Jiong, Li Weijia, Xie Na, Du Haitao and Wu Xin, who jointly host "Happy Camp", is regarded as the “No. 1 Host Ensemble”, And another guarantee of audience rating of Hunan TV is Wang Han, who had deeply impressed viewers with his humorous words and quick response.


  • Encyclopedia


    Encyclopedia is the first life wisdom talk show broadcasted by Hunan Satellite TV . Lots guest experts provide traditional techniques and recipes with a wealth of useful information for daily life....

  • Take Me Out

    Take Me Out

    Take Me Out is the first reality dating show in China hosted by He Jiong. Participating single men and women will face a series challenges and questions, and provide answers in order to find their potential soul mates. Successfully matched couples will be rewarded a romantic seaside trip, candlelight dinner and more....

  • Her Village

    Her Village

    Targeting urban women, the key segment in China, Her Village , hosted by famous TV host Yang Lan, focus on the topics that women concerned....

  • The Story Behind

    The Story Behind

    The famous talk show "The Story Behind" is an emotional type of program, bringing stories of the celebrities behind the scene that may touch your soul....

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