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ICN Chinese is a composite channel mainly specializing in news and entertainment. It provides overseas Chinese viewers with opera & variety, entertainment & fashion, news & current affairs, education & culture, cartoon, life and programmes of other genres. With such heavyweights including consummate variety show host Chang Hsiao-yen and brilliant musician Harlem Yu helming such shows as "100 Mstudent" and "Super Star ", ICN Chinese is honored as the "Kingdom of the Variety Show".


  • Magic Castle

    Magic Castle

    With on-the-spot discussion and demonstration, this brand new program launched by ICN_Chinese gives suggestions to audiences ranging from make up, skincare, hair style, costume to fit keeping. It will reports the latest fashion information and introduces the most popular products to audiences with a light style....

  • Homemade Cuisine

    Homemade Cuisine

    Are you wondering the secret recipes of restaurants? Hosted by Longlong and Richard, this brand new program launched by ICN_Chinese, is exclusively orientated towards Chinese people to enjoy cooking and cuisine at home....

  • Enjoy Life In LA

    Enjoy Life In LA

    Where shall we do in holidays? How to keep healthy and fit? Hosted by Liu Qihui, this life-style program will offer you all kinds of information of LA, as well as enjoy life in LA with you....

  • Million


    Hosted by Harlem Yu, this high profile game show features a singing competition participated by music lovers who are good at reciting lyrics, all the contestants who have the ability to recite all the lyrics provided by the host will have a chance to snatch the coveted NT $ 300,000 prize....

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