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Jiangsu International

Channel from :

KyLinTV + Great Wall TV, Great Wall TV



Jiangsu TV is a composite channel mainly offering cultural, variety, movie and TV dramas for overseas Chinese adults. Featuring programmes that deal with each aspect of social and cultural life, Jiangsu TV brings a batch of high quality programmes including "Light Of Million Hope" and "Kitchen" that are endowed with modern and informative feeling, giving a glimpse of the unique local custom and culture in Jiangsu Province.


  • I Love My Family

    I Love My Family

    This program will shows the harmony and happiness of families, promotes interaction between children and their parents, and make people’s dreams come true as well....

  • Wisdom for Life

    Wisdom for Life

    Wisdom for Life is a popular educational program. The purpose of the program is to combine what we have learned from the traditional culture and history to put this knowledge into practical use and improve our lives....

  • Folk Story

    Folk Story

    Folk Story is a TV program that focuses on people's lives in order to discover the true stories first hand from the community. You will find many real, touching stories in the program shared by ordinary people from our day to day lives....

  • Jiang Nan

    Jiang Nan

    Jiang Nan, which means the south of the river, is a key TV program of Jiangsu TV that revolves around "Humanism Jiangsu." The 20-minute program is broadcasted daily to offer a rich cultural heritage from a new perspective, understand the cultural trend, and promote the cultural competitive power of Jiangsu with visual strength....

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