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KunLun Drama HD is a 24-hour HD drama channel presented by KyLintv specializing in offering hot TV dramas for overseas Chinese adults. Four hunky TV dramas on a range of genres including history & period, military & war, spy & crime, idol, life & family and martial arts & action are provided each day. In addition, some smashing hit TV dramas featuring HD quality which have soared on China’s TV screens will simultaneously land on both KunLun Drama HD and KylinTV VOD on an irregular basis.


  • My Father is a Bench

    My Father is a Bench

    Starring Wang Baoqiang, Tao Hong and child star Zhang Zifeng, this period TV drama, directed by Huang Wenli, is an effort to mark the 90th birthday of CPC. It depicts a legendary story about Ban Deng, a humble acrobatic artist, whose unwitting act to help save an orphan and a secret document has finally led him to join the revolutionary ranks in 1927....

  • Naked Wedding

    Naked Wedding

    This TV drama adaptation of a best-selling novel is focused on the hot social issue of “naked wedding” that are faced by the people who were born in 1980s in China. Starring Wen Zhang, Yao Di, Kai Li and Ding Jiali, and directed by Teng Huatao, this drama had evoked an verwhelming resonance among viewers as soon as it was released....

  • Collected Cases of
Injustice Rectified

    Collected Cases of Injustice Rectified

    Directed by Kan Weiping, Collected Cases of Injustice Rectified, a top-rated suspense & detective TV drama which is adapted from Collection of Grievance Relief Stories, the world’s first novel on forensic scientist, is starred by He Bing, Luo Haiqiong and Guo Da. It resurrects the legendary stories about how Song Ci, who is known as the world’s first forensic scientist, solves one after another mysterious criminal cases with his superb wit and courage....

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