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Kids Channel, known as the first Chinese kids' TV channel emerged in North America, broadcasts a lineup of high quality China-made children programmes with an emphasis on such genres as education and animation. With the objective to offer interesting content featuring rich knowledge, Kids Channel is a reliable channel which is good for children to learn and develop good virtues.


  • SK Scholar of Scholars

    SK Scholar of Scholars

    Debuted in 2000, SK Scholar of Scholars is a knowledge competition program which is co-produced by the Department of Children at BTV and 35-year-old "Scholar Quiz Awards" from Korea. Targeting middle school students, this program is aimed to strengthen the friendship between students from China and Korea....

  • Flash World

    Flash World

    Known as the only cartoon FLASH program aired in Mainland China, Flash World provides a window for young artists to showcase their distinctive and creative FLASH works. With the incredible plots and impressive images, watching Flash World can arouse children's interest in painting....

  • Comic World

    Comic World

    Featuring programs like cartoons, FLASH and various videos, Comic World will surely satisfy the curious minds of children with its funny, diversified and unimaginable content....

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