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Leisure Channel is a channel presented by KyLinTV dedicating to best serving overseas Chinese viewers with a lineup of high quality life and fashion programmes that are selected from such top-rated provincial stations from Chinese mainland as BTV-Life and Dragon TV. Featuring a rang of hunky programmes including "Perfect Food", "Fashion & Style" and "Life Guidance" that touch each aspect of people's life including food, fashion, housing, travel, relationship, life tips and health care, Leisure Channel is a reliable life guidance for viewers.


  • Fashion & Style

    Fashion & Style

    Moreover, the program host Ning Chen would tell audiences the secrets on how to make them beautiful by varying their dress and accessories; The program also features the appearance of some pop stars, who would walk in some small but distinctive toggeries to seek some amazing accessories and dress for audience. With Fashion & Style, it would narrow the pace for audience to access the most fashionable lifestyle....

  • Life Guidance

    Life Guidance

    Life Guidance has ushered a fresh new style for life-service program by interweaving a sitcom with various life knowledge for audience. Set in a common family with five members from three generations living together, many gizmos and food recipes are embedded in their daily life scenes, making it possible for audience to grab useful life tips to beautify their life while enjoying light-heated stories....

  • Perfect Food

    Perfect Food

    With a theme of "Serving the people and discovering the special dishes", this program is engaged to provide an opportunity for common people who are good at cooking to showcase their marvelous culinary skills by cooking delicious dishes. It is more than a simple food program, because each edition would invite some nutrition consultants, who would give an authoritative analysis in terms of nutrition composition for each dish and introduce some other healthy but simple recipes for audience, all will benefit for people to develop a healthy eating habit....

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