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KyLinTV + Taiwan TV, Taiwan TV



Macroview TV illustrates the spirit of Taiwan with content that covers the current news and events, entertainment, fashion, local culture, food, travel, and more. The local culture and society programming helps overseas Chinese to understand and communicate with the Taiwan culture. Daily news segments presented in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, Cantonese and English every day help keep viewers informed about current events in Taiwan and the Asian region. Mac TV brings the latest news for Chinese-speaking families all over the world and enhances communication in the Chinese communities.


  • Cultural Celebrity

    Cultural Celebrity

    Hosted by well-known anchor Cai Shiping, this program leads audience to appreciate the arts of different generations, in which the memory of life and cultural identity will be aroused....

  • Stories In Taiwan

    Stories In Taiwan

    Under the guide of Liu Liangzuo, this program will invite you to look for the stories out of memory in ever corner of Taiwan, and experience here and there rarely known by people...

  • Super Idol

    Super Idol

    Without the limitation of gender, occupation and age, this extensive select show will make the hottest super stars from a large number of candidates and offer huge prize as well....

  • Taiwan Outlook

    Taiwan Outlook

    Taiwan Outlook is an interview style program that mainly covers topics about government policies and current affairs. This program shows news videos and invites special guests, interviewing them in English....

  • Gold Club

    Gold Club

    Gold Club interviews stars and has them perform on the show. This program has a special called "Taiwan real sensation," where the host tells a story about a sensational person or event in Taiwan, helping audiences to get to know Taiwan....

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