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MASTV, an infotainment TV channel designed for overseas Chinese adults, primarily offers programmes in such genres as news & information, entertainment and TV drama. "Here Comes Kangxi", the highest rating variety TV show in Taiwan, is viewed for over 5 million times each week ever since it began to be broadcast on MASTV. The success of "Here Comes Kangxi" is due to the seamless collaboration between the two hosts-versatile entertainer Dee Hsu and knowledgeable host Kevin Tsai, who are good at giving the celebrity guests who appear in the show a headache by raising controversial questions while employing their signature comedic bantering in front of a live studio audience.


  • Fire


    Hosted by Yang Fan, this hot reality show invites couple who are facing part to share their stories with audiences. Judged and suggested by emcee and three juries, will they become reconcile whether or break up though?...

  • MASTV Theater

    MASTV Theater

    MASTV Theater showcases hundreds of hit romances, action and comedies from China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, featuring movie stars like Jacky Chan, Steven Chou and many others to entertain you right at home....

  • Mei-feng Chu Sees the World

    Mei-feng Chu Sees the World

    Mei-feng Chu Sees the World features star host Mei-feng to analyze news events and to exchange thoughts with guests invited to the show. This talk show is very open-minded and has its own unique characteristic which also makes it one of the most popular TV talk shows from MASTV....

  • MASTV Connects

    MASTV Connects

    MASTV Connects integrates news from reporters across Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India and Thailand; connecting all the news to MASTV newsroom on a timely fashion to keep viewers informed with the latest news...

  • Evening News

    Evening News

    Evening News is an all around news program that covers news from Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and International news. In this 30 minute news program, you will find the latest developments on current affairs, finance news, entertainment news, as well as sports and weather updates....

  • Noon News

    Noon News

    Noon News provides a quick highlight on news around the world in 15 minutes. This program is perfect for anyone who wants to catch up with the latest news while taking their lunch break....

  • Morning News

    Morning News

    Morning News reviews some of the hottest topics from yesterday's news and covers the current affairs, entertainment and sports news as well as international headlines from major news Medias around the world. This informative 30 minutes news program is a good way to start your day....

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