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Phoenix Hong Kong Channel, 24/7 comprehensive TV network, offers programming covering news, business and fashion in Cantonese. With its content focusing on local people, the channel provides an in-depth exploration of the issues that are closely related to the life of people from Hong Kong and Guangdong, allowing global viewers to have a better understanding about Hong Kong. Besides programming in which influential politicians and scholars are invited to give an analysis of stories behind the hottest current affairs that take place in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the world, it also delivers a cluster of news


  • Culture Talk by Jimmy Ching

    Culture Talk by Jimmy Ching

    It is a high profile culture programming presented by Phoenix TV, each episode features the appearance of some celebrities from Chinese cultural and art circles, who will share with viewers what extraordinary stories they have experienced in their life, which will let viewers approach how they have attained the achievement they have today with their perseverance and what great contribution they have made to promote Chinese culture....

  • News Deconstruction

    News Deconstruction

    News Deconstruction is a news commentary programming which exploits the truth behind the latest hot events in Hong Kong. Presided over by Gary Cheng, former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, each episode features one guest to join Gary Cheng to involve in a discussion in Cantonese on up-to-the-minute news, current affairs and other hot issues. The guests who turn up in the show include government officials, politicians, scholars, experts and celebrities....

  • Speak Out • Hong Kong

    Speak Out • Hong Kong

    Each episode of Speak Out Hong Kong, a popular talk show hosted by media veteran Michelle Lo, as well as guest hosts Enchun Li and Willam Tang, features content ranging from star interview to food, and to hot topic exploration. As a column dedicated to viewers from different classes who love and are familiar with Hong Kong, it strives to present a comprehensive coverage of Hong Kong from each aspect in the genre of talk show....

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