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Phoenix N.A., a comprehensive TV channel primarily delivering news, is the most influential Chinese TV service in North America. With its content coming from Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao, it presents overseas Chinese adult viewers with a host of brand name Mandarin programmes, such as "Current Affair Debate", "Good Morning China", "Behind the Headlines with Wen Tao" and "A Date with Lu Yu", as well as the most recent TV dramas and "Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant", an annual grand beauty pageant. Phoenix N.A. is proud to have a notable host lineup: Chen Luyu, the host of celebrity talk show "A Date with Lu Yu", is acclaimed as Chinese equivalence of Oprah Winfrey; and Sally Wu, a veteran journalist who was once praised by China’s then Premier Zhu Rongji with her question in a press conference, is among the top names in Phoenix N.A.; Xu Gehui, another mainstay host of Phoenix N.A, has conquered viewers worldwide with her beaming smile, grace and excellent ability; Wen Tao, the host of "Behind the Headlines with Wen Tao", is favored by overseas Chinese people with his humor and genteelism.


  • Asian Journal

    Asian Journal

    Asian Journal This program reports world events with in-depth coverage of the latest social, economic and sports news from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China with a special Hong Kong segment featured every day. This is a popular news program in China....

  • Tiger Symposium

    Tiger Symposium

    This program discusses popular social hot topics with guests. The program picks frontline events, hot topics from society and the culture industry and invites litigants, academicians and famous people as guests to present their opinions....

  • Secret Documentary

    Secret Documentary

    This is a talk show that follows the lives of common people. They invite people like stowaways, drug addicts and others to open up and share their painful life experiences. It offers a place for audiences to re-think their own values in this society....

  • Good Morning China

    Good Morning China

    This early morning program has all the ingredients to get the audience off to a great start. Reports cover financial news, including the previous night's closing on SE Asian stock markets and early reports on European exchanges, and world weather forecasts....

  • Talk with Zhen Hai

    Talk with Zhen Hai

    Qiu Zhenhai, a senior expert on international affairs who once studied in Germany, hosts this program. Each week, some select news making headlines around the world will be addressed at this program by host, scholars, diplomats and insiders, they express their opinions and start heated debate on these events, the profound analysis offered by them will help viewers have a deep understanding about the truth behind these events....

  • Studying around Greater China

    Studying around Greater China

    In 2009, PhoenixTV released Studying around Greater China, a news program hosted by Yang Jinlin, a famous news commentator. The program will see Yang turn up at the spots where the hottest news and events take place, to give a vivid report and offer a profound analysis on the progress of each news in a timely manner. Yang will also interview insiders as well as common people to share their comments on the latest news....

  • Wisdom from the East

    Wisdom from the East

    It is a public-service-themed program aiming at promoting Chinese culture, increasing the public awareness for mental cultivation and highlighting the visual art. Hosted by Wang Luxiang, it features top culture masters such as Master Chin Kung showing up at this program to convey their understanding about wisdoms for life, telling you how to deal with your problems with the traditional Buddhist teachings....

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