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Phoenix InfoNews, known as the first 24-hour Chinese news TV channel dedicating to viewers throughout the world, primarily offers up-to-the-minute news and global financial reports. It set eyes on breaking news, hot economic topics, and most concerned social issues with a cluster of well-produced programmes like "Live News", "Q & A Mainland" and "Finance", allowing global viewers to keep updated with what’s going on throughout the world and get the truth behind each major event. Phoenix InfoNews boasts a group of top-notched journalists, which include Lvqiu Luwei, known as Battlefield Rose, who is China's first journalist to report from the Afghanistan and Iraq war zones, and Sally Wu, the chief journalist of Phoenix InfoNews who was once praised by China’s then Premier Zhu Rongji with her question in a press conference,


  • Passage to Wall Street

    Passage to Wall Street

    This program focuses on finances. Wall Street not only drives the economy in America but around the world. Today, especially in the fast-paced financial industry, information is the key to surviving and succeeding in the world of finance....

  • Easy Time Easy News

    Easy Time Easy News

    Phoenix InfoNews Channel searches for the latest social news, events and even laugh-worthy news from around the world. In a modern society that is constantly changing, this program aims to bring viewers the latest information in an ever-changing environment....

  • The Auction

    The Auction

    This is a program about timeless collections, treasures and history of China, presenting the vast culture and national glory of China over five millenniums. The Auction invites experts and collectors from around the world to introduce the rarest collections....

  • Phoenix Info BillBoard

    Phoenix Info BillBoard

    Phoenix InfoNews Channel packs up an authoritative infonews board for viewers. In only a few minutes, the public can find out the latest on what's happening in society and enjoy the leisure of modern life....

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