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Reading Channel is the unique professional TV channel service in book production, publishing, publicity, distribution and consumption. The concept of reading extends to more aspects, including communicating with authors, sharing reading experience with audience, etc.


  • Reading Engine

    Reading Engine

    It is a news program which takes a close look at what is going on in the publishing sector, each episode runs 10 minutes....

  • Space of Growth

    Space of Growth

    An educational program designed for students and their parents helping them solve various problems students may face during their growing up years, it is consisted of three parts, including “The Teaching Profession”, “Art Student’s Guide” and “Meet Top Teachers”...

  • Book Recommendations

    Book Recommendations

    A news feature program which brings viewers the updated information about the newly released popular books that are being placed on shelves of book stores around China....

  • My Reading Life

    My Reading Life

    With a commitment to respect the correct direction of the public opinion, the motivation of the program is to present an opportunity for viewers to access more fine books, improving the cultural quality of Chinese people....

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