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ShenZhen TV

Channel from :

KyLinTV + Great Wall TV, Great Wall TV



Shenzhen TV is a composite TV channel focusing on entertainment service, it provides overseas young Chinese viewers with entertainment, infotainment, culture, TV drama, variety and kids' programmes. A range of novel variety shows including "Family Show", "Generation Show" and "The Great Entertainer" that are recently landed on the prime time of Shenzhen TV featuring guests including hot-stuff stars, skillful entertainers and talented kids involving in fantastic scenarios have dramatically improved the popularity of the channel.


  • The Cool Bus

    The Cool Bus

    Co hosted by Qiangzi, Kan Di and Yang Jing, this brand new program will invite three families to take a trip on a bus every time to cope with all kinds of challenges. Family members from different cities, different occupations, and different background will come together to show their kindness and friendship to audience....

  • Entertainment Headline

    Entertainment Headline

    Hosted by Mickey Huang, this brand new entertainment talk show will discuss and comment the hottest and latest affairs as well as stars in amusement circles....

  • Family Show

    Family Show

    Infused with genuinely funny dialogues of little kids, the TV program gives prominence to the idea “Family Show”. As a reality TV program, Family Show encourages an unordinary way to think, involving innocent and funny dialogues of children. It consists of three sections, including Magic Baby, Come on Baby, and Two Negatives Make a Positive....

  • Chinese Culture Schoolroom

    Chinese Culture Schoolroom

    The TV program primarily aims to popularize Chinese culture, transforming dull contents into entertaining and attracting knowledge. The brightest literacy star turns into Teacher Qiang who leads two little kids Gu Lala and Dong Doudou from the fairyland to descend to the world. With the guidance of Teacher Qiang, the two children begin to learn Chinese culture and open their horizon...

  • Fortune Blog

    Fortune Blog

    In the form of popular blogs on the internet, Fortune Blog pays attention to hot topics on economy, emphasizing on informative news and authoritative, thought-provoking, and critical opinions. Finding topics in daily life and exploring each topic in depth, the program is oriented towards the high-end group of people....

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