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SiChuan TV Station Int'l

Channel from :

KyLinTV + Great Wall TV, Great Wall TV



Sichuan TV is a composite TV channel focusing on culture and entertainment. It delivers news, education, variety and other programmes with strong local features, uncovering the diversified ethnic culture, spectacular landscapes, glorious history and other unique features in the west of China. Among the programmes aired on Sichuan TV, travel show "Travel China" and variety show "China Songfest" are particularly well embraced by overseas Chinese viewers.


  • Discover Sichuan

    Discover Sichuan

    《Take a close look at Sichuan from its landscapes, people and custom, Discover Sichuan will take you to travel around Sichuan to discover the rich history, glorious culture, unique local custom and amazing landscapes in Sichuan....

  • Relationship


    With a slogan of “Share the touching moment, love in China”, Relationship, a TV talk show, will invite couples who have extraordinary experience to talk about their legendary stories, sharing viewers with the sweetness and hardship in their relationship....

  • Happy Food

    Happy Food

    The program advocates fashionable and healthy food ideas, not only providing taste and nutrition of food, but also showing many other elements such as folk customs, history and culture....

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