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With its headquarter located in New York, US, Sino TV is a composite Chinese TV channel specializing in entertainment, infotainment and local Chinese community news. With its content covering TV dramas, current affairs, variety shows, children programmes and information, Sino TV has the capacity to meet the demand of all age groups of Chinese viewers. Among hit programmes aired on Sino TV, news-featured programme "Sino News Magazine" and entertainment show "She-ly Women" are especially popular among Chinese people in North America.


  • Super Class

    Super Class

    The class which is the carrier of this program is composed of a group of talented and gifted young people, staging a series of sitcom for audience. Many performing forms such as reality show are adopted here, which will break the barriers of this kind of program....

  • Famouse


    Unlike other draft program in Taiwan, this reality show co-hosted by Anthony Bao and Tino Bao is more diverse, not limited to singing or performing. The performances of the competitors will be professionally judged, without poisonous words....

  • Harlem

    Harlem's Auditori

    Hosted by Harlem Yu, this fascinating variety show will invite stars to challenge all kinds of Q&A , break your formulary mindsets, and make a lot of fun at the same time....

  • Let’s Go Magic

    Let’s Go Magic

    Judged by domestic excellent magicians and magic novel writers, this program will organize nationwide trials in 20 cities. The most talented competitors will be given useful hints by the top magicians, hopeful to become the most glittering magician after Liu Qian....

  • Sino Nightly News

    Sino Nightly News

    Sino Nightly News features the latest information of worldwide news events, including local news stories, as well as news from China, Taiwan and more. It also offers the latest financial news by our financial correspondent reporting daily from Wall Street....

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