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Sino TV 2 is a drama channel designed to overseas Chinese adults. Rounding up TV dramas, opera, life and children programmes, as well as local & international news, it has become an essential part of the spare time recreation for Chinese people who live in the North America.


  • Anita Mui Fei

    Anita Mui Fei

    The TV series is a biopic of Chinese actress Anita Mui, focusing on the history of her fame and her romance with Andy Lau. The story begins with her last concert series before her death…...

  • Ruan Lingyu

    Ruan Lingyu

    Ruan Lingyu’s father died when she was young. For a while she went to live with her mother. At the age of 16, she fell in love with Zhang Damin, the young master of the house her mother worked, and lived together. In order to make money, she began starting her film career. However, the relationship between her and Zhang deteriorated when she became successful....

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