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SinoVision is a US-based comprehensive TV channel primarily offering news and entertainment for young Chinese viewers. With local and international news, community bulletin, entertainments and variety shows, SinoVision allows viewers to keep updated with the latest current affairs and community activities, find out the leisurable but fashionable lifestyle through its hits programmes, it is one of the most popular Chinese TV channels among overseas Chinese viewers.


  • Chinese News Report

    Chinese News Report

    Chinese News Report is ranked on the top of rating among all the Chinese TV programs broadcasted at the Greater New York, this one-hour program delivers up-to-minute local and global news every night, offering community reports taken place in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and U.S that are produced by SinoVision itself. It is the best choice for viewers to access the community reports and global news....

  • Perfect Food

    Perfect Food

    As the first food program released by SinoVision, Perfect Food unveils a wide range of dishes which are popular at different countries around the world, from the celebrities secret recipes to the innovative family cuisines, and from the distinctive exotic-flavored dishes to the popular recipes recommended by top chefs, all can be found at this program....

  • Detective


    This China-made program, which hit SinoVision on the prime time at the weekend, follows the adventure of a Chinese man, a resourceful but fearless sleuth, who can always use his quit wit to scoop up the evidences hidden behind major criminal cases, revealing the motivation behind the suspenseful cases, his judgment plays an important role in figuring out the suspects, it seemed that no matter how coony the criminals are, they cant escape from this detectives hands....

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