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Sky Link TV 1 is the world's only 24-hour Chinese TV channel with its parent company located in the US. It is dedicated to providing overseas Chinese adults with the best Chinese programmes in a timely manner. Featuring a great amount of popular TV dramas, especially some smashing hit South Korean TV series that the channel have acquired the exclusive rights, Sky Link TV 1 is the best choice for viewers who love watching TV dramas. Plus, Sky Link TV 1 also delivers around-the-clock news and quality variety shows.


  • You Are Most Talented

    You Are Most Talented

    With the breakthrough of the limitation of traditional performing forms such as singing and dancing, this reality show will welcome all kinds of talents, without any limitation to performing types or styles. It is fantastic, unique, and superb, opening a new world for this kind of program....

  • Truth,Good And Beauty Of Taiwan

    Truth,Good And Beauty Of Taiwan

    Hosted by Li Wenjuan, this program records fabulous affairs and people, discovers vigorous vitality of Taiwan people, and presents local culture to show the truth, good and beauty of Taiwan....

  • Be friends

    Be friends

    Hosted by Mickey Huang, this program will invite the stars to share their joys and sorrows in the course of growth with audience. They will put their precious things into time box and wait for decades to open by others...

  • Travel By Bike

    Travel By Bike

    Co-hosted by Eddy Ou and Joe Cheung, this program will visit every corners of Taiwan in terms of tour itinerary by bike. The experiences of beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine, and fantastic culture will let you enjoy the value of youth....

  • Entertainment @ Asia

    Entertainment @ Asia

    Hosted by Patty Hou, this program will broadcast the latest entertainment news and hot topics, as well as invite well-known stars to take interviews....

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