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Southern TV (GuangDong)

Channel from :

KyLinTV + Great Wall TV, Great Wall TV



TVS is the first Cantonese satellite TV channel emerged in the world. Apart from content on life, TVS also features infotainment, TV drama, variety, culture and a range of other programmes that highlight the unique custom of Guangdong. Viewers can have a better idea about the culture of south China through "The House of 72 Tenants", "Cantonese Opera Show" and "Perfect Partner", a lineup of hit programmes aired on the channel.


  • Today News

    Today News

    With sharp comments and unique viewpoints, this brand new program pays attention to the people’s livelihood and reflects public opinions in time, which gets very popular in Guangdong audiences....

  • Pet School

    Pet School

    Co-hosted by Xi Gui and Li Xi, this program will offer a happy platform for those audiences who have and love pets to share their information as well as experience....

  • Noble Dress Fashion

    Noble Dress Fashion

    Noble Dress Fashion is a high quality fashion program delivering comprehensive news and trends in the world of fashion. The program covers the most stylish clothes, hairstyle, accessories, etc. This program has enjoyed an increasing popularity since it was released on TVS. Currently it has topped off its rivals and has the highest rating in southern China....

  • Search


    The program uses a unique style to cover each aspect of city life, from lifestyle to culture, and to other topics that catches people's attention. Since 2006, more interesting programs have being added in hopes of attracting viewers and have them pay more attention to public topics....

  • Beauty School

    Beauty School

    Beauty School is a popular reality show that focuses on entertainment, fashion and reality. The show will follow each character's extraordinary journey and share the stories on how they transformed from an ugly duckling to a swan. Through their journey of transformation, viewers will get a closer look at the latest trends and feel the ups and downs of each individual's lives....

  • Easy Time Easy News

    Easy Time Easy News

    The program provides a comprehensive coverage on the latest entertainment news from major cities in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan as well as other south Asian countries....

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