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KyLinTV + KyLinVoice: Bundle Offer Details
TV Packages
(Regular $)
Home Phone Service
(Regular $)
KyLinTV 1-Year Contract
 Monthly Payment
KyLinTV 2-Year Contract
 Monthly Payment
KyLinTV No Contract
TV Offer: $7 OFF x First 6 months
+ Voice Offer: No Monthly Fee for One Year

(Save up to $102)
TV Offer: $7 OFF x First 12 months
+ Voice Offer: No Monthly Fee for the 1st Year

(Save up to $144)
Voice Offer: No Monthly Fee
for the 1st Year

(Save up to $60)
Promo Code One Time Payment Promo Code Promo Monthly $
(First 12 mo)
Promo Code Promo Monthly $
(First 12 mo)
VOD Select Pack
Basic Plan
7offVS12BS $110 7offVS24BS $9.99 VoiceBS $9.99
KyLinTV Pack
7offKP12BS $162 7offKP24BS $9.99 $16.99
Taiwan TV Pack
7offTW12BS $234 7offTW24BS $15.99 $22.99
7offKT12BS $318 7offKT24BS $22.99 $29.99
Remarks: 1) VOD Select can be subscribed as both base packages or add-on packages. 2) Watching KyLinTV on Regular TV with KyLinTV Set-top Box will be charged $3/month as rental fee and $50 as deposit per Set-top Box. 3) No contract TV service is only eligible for customers self-owned devices, including smart TV/Google TV, PC and Tablet (iPad/Android). 4) KyLinVoice Basic plan includes unlimited incoming calls, FREE In-account calls, only $0.02/minute for calls to the US, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or other service countries. Only $0.09/min for calls to Taiwan cell phones. 5) KyLinVoice Hareware needs $50 deposit for each device. If you need 2nd or more VOIP handsets for your families across the globe so as to get FREE in-account calls, please click here or online registration. For more bundle offer details or TV offer only, please click here.
Sales hotline: 1-888-683-8691 (US), 1-888-355-5290 (CA)

KyLinTV Promotion Terms and Conditions click here.

KyLinTV is the first platform that offers Chinese Live channels and VOD programs on Smart TV. KyLinTV app is available for download on App store for iPad®, Panasonic VIERA® Connect (2011/2012 models), Google TV (version 3.2) and Google Play Store for Android Tablet (version 3.1 above).
The Google TV Logo is a trademark of Google Inc. Apple, the Apple logo and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Panasonic® and VIERA® are the registered trademarks of Panasonic Corporation.

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