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SunTV, a 24-hour Chinese TV channel with its main content on documentary, offers a batch of programmes focusing on Chinese history, antique, arts, painting, literature, fashion and life. It best serves the elite Chinese people and their family around the world with its content that deal with various aspects of social life, which include life & fashion, home decoration, arts gallery and study abroad guide.


  • The Truth

    The Truth

    The Truth will unfold ordinary people's extraordinary experience. Some uncommon experiences and conflicts that are experienced by ordinary people could be more colorful than our everyday lives......

  • People On Line

    People On Line

    Stories of elites, central figures, and special figures will be disclosed in detail in the series People on Line. This series will talk about the pain that they suffered and untold stories through interviews....

  • Immortal Marriage

    Immortal Marriage

    This series provides an opportunity for viewers to share the happiness and pain of famous figure's marriage. Special wedding customs, relevant social backgrounds, their thoughts and attitudes towards the society they lived in are reflected in this show....

  • Story Behind the Treasure

    Story Behind the Treasure

    Disclosing the amazing story that was hidden behind each treasure. Review the ancient civilization through the treasure's historical background. This documentary program is comprised of four parts: narration, interview, viewing the real "treasure" and historical data....

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