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As the only TV channel specializing in tourism in mainland China, The Travel Channel targets viewers aged 18-45 and provides content on three categories of tourism, fashion and golf.


  • Travel on Foot

    Travel on Foot

    The mainstay travel programme on the channel takes viewers to embark on journey around China to discover the dramatic change in the country. With coverage of more than 2,000 cities, counties and villages throughout China, the journey will present viewers with a fascinating experience, allowing them to find out the spectacular attractions in China....

  • Beautiful Girl

    Beautiful Girl

    A grand beauty & fashion programme which features many big stars showing up in the studio to share their view on style, exploring each aspect of the fashion world including garment, skincare tips, entertainment, house decoration and travel, it is programme particularly designed for urban women. Hosted by Li Jing, a popular host who has expressed viewers with her superb wit, the programme has become increasingly popular among viewers who embrace fashion, being ranked first on the audience rating in The Travel Channel....

  • Travellers


    Travellers, as the flagship culture-themed column offered by the channel, is the most popular programme aired during daytime in China which has its focus on content about outdoor exploration, geography and environmental protection. Unlike other programmes of the similar kind, Travellers strives to show beautiful landscapes, water-mouthing delicacies, valuable collection items, history, people and another other interesting stories from a personal view without any commercial purpose....

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